A short manual for having a rush.

Sometimes you can experience a day that you think , in retrospective, was simply perfect, without noticing it before.

For that you have to meet people or at least you have to be in a situation that can be affected by people, because this makes your day or your time-line evidently unpredictable.

Over this you create a plan or a wish-list of events that happen in a forgiven order and that have a kind of blurry success. In the end your plan not only is a success it could be even better than you expected first. And if you think about it you see that their was a big chance a lot could have gone wrong.

In the end you’ll see that everything you have done until this very moment was right and that it concluded in this one perfect time-line. Congratulations you are in a rush.

P-S: Ich finde kein schönes,harmonisches und insgesamt nahezu perfektes durch Licht produziertes, Grün. Mit von Licht produziert meine ich ähnlich wie die letzten beiden Bilder keine direkten Gegenstände.

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