Sign of the few

Fear to be understood as an individual that will not fit in seen standards,
i’ll try fitting in the tiniest niche that society pleases to give me.

If I would not fear such things I could live different, touching slightly
societies outer hull, without breaking in. They won’t recognize me as someone
like them but maybe find me interesting enough to be accepted for a while.

A few will see that theres nothing to pretend to live their lifes in the way
they want to. They will take you as a sign of rebelation against old traditions
as simple or natural they seem to be and discover what they could do without
this high limitation.

But, the many will stood up against you in fear of loosing the one thing they
created. It’s their depressing shell they love so much because it gives them
safety and a felling of belonging. They see your picture not as a rebel or
a hero that you are in the eyes of a few, they make you a serial mind killer,
destroying everything that is good or valuable.

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