A great mind

A mind, pushed around by other thoughts and charakters that do want this mind to work the way they think it should work. Using it and deforming it to their will. The mind does not care about this, it does not revolt or acts, it just let itself beeing pushed around.

Why does the mind allow them to do so? The mind has no plan, it forbids itself to have one. Once, when it wasn’t like that, the mind had a great idea. With that idea, it hoped to make the world see and heal to find a certain middle. To achieve this, the world and all of its charakters must see itself, so it can see what it does wrong. The mind couldn’t even say what was going wrong, but by its actions he could feel it.

The mind did not do one useful thing since 2 years, because the world around him acted wrong, decided wrong and lost the will into the people, the product, their own will and learnings. They were wild and uncontrolled, shifting like he ist doing, but with the small will of controll left. To remove this last thought of their minds, they must recognize theirself, discover their true being and find their wrongs.

The mind rested in the meantime, until it gets a push, and starts again, wandering and flying throught the world, trying out, what others decided, being what they want them to be. Certainly his life would be ultimatly lost in this task. Its the task that the mind was dedicated to.

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